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  • An evening in Amersham with Duncan Dyason +

    The trustees of Street Kids Direct would like to invite you to come and hear how Duncan´s work in Central America is progressing. Read More
  • New Centre Opens in Guatemala City +

    Street Kids Direct have been able to help support the Mi Arca project in Guatemala City by providing a centre for its work with street-living and high-risk children and youth. Read More
  • Police abuses reported again in Guatemala City +

    Reports of more police abuses to street youths in Guatemala! We are very concerned by recent events in Guatemala City when the Municipal Police reportedly beat street youths, threatened one with the removal of his eye and held a gun to the head of a 14-year-old boy. Read More
  • International Summit meets in London +

    Street Kids Direct were represented at the International Summit on the Legal Needs of Street Youth in June. Advocates, experts, lawyers and judges came from 36 countries to discuss a framework to protect the rights of street youths around the world. Read More
  • Big Sleep 2015 +

    Have you ever slept out on the streets? To be honest most of us have never had to experience this as we have always enjoyed a safe, warm place to sleep. But for the hundreds of street children Street Kids Direct has worked with over the years this is their reality and we would like to invite you to give it a try for one night. The idea of The Big Sleep is to help raise the profile of the lives of street children in Central America and raise some money to make a difference to their lives. Read More
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Stories of lives changed

  • Baby Duncan
  • Maribel
  • Bairon & Jairon

Rescued from the streets


Left in a cardboard box when he was only 15 days old, this little baby fought for his life and was rescued the same day from the city streets of Honduras and is now 6 years

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From streets to teacher

Maricela Maribel y Rita

Maribel (centre) grew up on the streets of Honduras' capital, Tegucigalpa.  She learned the skills needed to survive on the streets but longed to have a family, to be loved and to have a home.


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Twins transformed


It's a miracle to see these two boys come from the streets and know how hard they have both worked to remain off the streets.  These two brothers have really come a long way since they left the

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