Steve Poulson, full-time volunteer for Street Kids Direct in Honduras was caught up in riots yesterday when hundreds of protestors crashed through security and invaded the international airport in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, injuring 25 people.

Screen Shot 2019 05 31 at 6.05.35 PMThe airport was then evacuated and all staff and passengers asked to make their way as quickly as possible to the runway.  Hundreds of soldiers and riot police surrounded the airport and used tear gas to disperse protesters.  Many passengers were affected by the tear gas, Steve included (photo), and were later encouraged to return home and check in for flights the following day.

The protests have increased greatly since Juan Orlando Hernández was re-elected President of the country in 2017.  The recent protests have been spearheaded by thousands of teachers and doctors who are protesting about massive public sector layoffs by Presidential decree.

r0 0 800 600 w1200 h678 fmaxMr. Hernández is a pro-US politician who has been accused of electoral fraud.  His brother was arrested by US authorities for drug smuggling and weapons offences in November 2018 and is suspected to be responsible for providing heavily-armed protection to shipments of drugs to North America.  The country is still politically unstable and remains a very dangerous place to live due to the high murder rates by waring gangs.

BBC Three Counties Radio managed to interview Steve today live from the airport.  You can listen to the interview here.

Steve has now managed to leave the country and is flying back to the UK for the Camino por Amor challenge in aid of Street Kids Direct.