goguatemalaGo Guatemala is an independent organisation run by a dedicated team of Guatemalan volunteers under the leadership of Alex - an inspirational man committed to helping children at risk.

Alex and his team run a school every Saturday in a challenging area of Guatemala City.  The project pays for a bus to go into 2 of the most danergous areas of Guatemala City and collect children who are 'at-risk' of becoming street children or who are suffering from violence or abuse.


The 60 or so children that attend each Saturday can participate in a varied sports programme, benefit from homework support, learn how to use a computer and enjoy a great meal.The project is well aware that many of the children come from challenging backgrounds and so have had to establish a programme that encourages and rewards good behaviour. The rewards programme offers the children the chance to gain 'Go Guatemala Money' by helping others and being kind.  At the end of every term the children can then spend their well-earned money on donated toys, shoes and clothes.

It only costs £25 a month to provide a place for a child in the Go Guatemala.